Monday, August 25

Myanmar Standard Time

I've already set my watch ahead 11.5 hours to Myanmar Time. Lord willing, we will leave the house here in Rowlett tomorrow morning at 8:00 AM when the van comes by to pick us up. Liftoff from DFW airport is scheduled for 11:50. We finished up all our packing this afternoon. The three of us are allowed six trunks total at 70 lbs per trunk. Each of our six bags weighs in at between 65 and 70 lbs. In addition we are bringing pretty close to the maximum in carry on weight as well. We anticipate landing in Yangon (Rangoon) at approximately 9:05 AM Thursday MST (9:35 PM tomorrow night in Dallas).

Fifteen Pounds of Books?

Well, fifteen pounds is about the weight of the two laptops we are carrying in with us. But between those two laptops we are actually carrying in about 3,000 volumes of Christian literature altogether. Additionally, most of the weight we are taking in by our luggage is also books. They consist of the books and notes I will be using for the classes I'll be teaching for the next seven weeks, along with some children's books for the ESL (English as a Second Language) school. There are also a number of TOEFL preparation books and practice exams. All in all, it would be impossible to place a "price" on the volumes we are taking in by laptop and physically. We are praying that God will use them to edify and strengthen in grace his church in Myanmar.

Staying Current with MTMBlog

It is my intention to send Blog updates back to the US through Chris Coldwell. He will not be able to send you the individual emails notifying you of the update, so you may simply want to check the website from time to time (every other day should keep you abreast of most of the news). Why not place this in your bookmarks or "favorites" in your browser now, while you're thinking of it? Lord willing, next time you hear from me, it will be from Yangon, Myanmar.


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