Friday, April 1

A Letter From Myanmar

In much of the letter that follows, please understand the references to "Dr. Bacon" to refer to the Mission To Myanmar, and its supporters. For many of these orphans, I am the "face" of your generous contributions.

Dear Dr.Bacon,
Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We acknowledge receipt of the precious gift of $X intact which you sent for the glory of god. No words can express our joy and gratitude. According to your prayers, we will use this offering wisely and economically so that it will be of the greatest benefit for the New life orphans.

We are goaded and stimulated to activity by your love and consideration for our well being, health and happiness. It strengthens us physically and spiritually. In the eyes of New life orphanage and the children, it enhances the grace, glory and greatness of God.

We cannot help glorying in the Lord because though we are the poorest orphan family, God has arranged and given us Dr. Richard Bacon's family and the holy Reformed Churches to be our parents: and the most wonderful thing is that they live for away across the ocean where the stars at night are big and bright, and coyotes wail along the trail, deep in the heart of Texas!

We are completely and fully aware of the goodness and greatness of God. Due to your prayers and the grace of Jesus Christ, we will grow, develop and progress, because we are of the Reformed Church, " of them that believe to the saving of the soul" (Hebrews 10:39).

By the way, our youngest orphan named Isaiah, who is only four years old asked this question: "Is Dr. Bacon God? He can send us o much money!" I answered, " No, he isn't. He is a man God uses."

Matthew who is twelve years old added: "He must be a seed of Abraham in whom all nations are blest; as for us, we are like the man the Good Samaritan helped and gave two pence to the inn keeper for taking care of him."

On the last Saturday of each month we keep a vigil and pray all through the night. Every Monday we fast and pray; and we give our breakfast, lunch and dinner to poor families. We preach the Gospel in their homes and pray for them. Job, who is 5 years old, said to them.
" These gifts are not from us. They are from Dr. Bacon, a man God uses. Please pray always for Pu Bacon."

Seven year old Joshua said, " If there was no Dr. Bacon, we wouldn't be living here together ; we wouldn't have any schooling or Bible study. Maybe we would have died of hunger and ended up in the lake of fire!"

Isaac, who is 15 years old and temperamental, said: "We are used to seeing only eight cups of rice at one time; but now, due to Dr. Bacon we can feast our eyes on thirty bags of rice!" With tears flowing down his cheeks, he hugged and caressed a bag of rice. "It is due to Mr.Bacon that I am now learning to drive a car."So saying, he knelt near the bags of nice and prayed, fervidly praising and glorifying the Lord.

Forgive me for writing some of the words and questions which came out of the mouths of babes and sucklings. Most of the mail we receive from you regarding the New life children is read before them and explained discreetly. It fills them with unspeakable joy. We pray often for the wherewithal to build their new home. It has caused a turning point in the life of Joseph, a five year old boy. We heard him saying to some of the other children, " Don't be snobbish! take care of your books and clothing. We are going to live in a new building."

We have to thank you for multifarious things. If what we have mentioned is not complete we hope you will understand our speechless joy and gratitude by reading between the lines.
May the Lord bless you all, and may He bless your ministry always.
On behalf of New life ministry and the children I remain,
Your fellow-worker in the Lord's Vineyard
Rev. Moses.

A Direct Appeal

Rev. Moses refers in this letter to a "new building." On my last trip to Myanmar, we arranged for an architect to design and "cost-estimate" the building of a two-story hostel for the orphanage. Many of them, as is evident from their stories above, have reached an age where we simply must separate the boys from the girls. A two-story "brick nogging" hostel is estimated to run about USD 12,000. I do not ordinarily make such direct appeals on the Burma Blog, but this is a pressing matter. The older children are themselves already digging and leveling for a foundation to be laid. If it would be possible for the readers to help in any amount, it would abound to the glory of the Lord Jesus in that far away land.

Please send any contributions to :

Mission To Myanmar
c/0 First Presbyterian Church of Rowlett
8210 Schrade Road
Rowlett, TX 75088

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