Tuesday, November 15

A Letter From Rev. Moses Dawnga

Dear Dr. Bacon

Greetings in the holy name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

We received your most welcome e-mail, for which we thank you lavishly. We know fully, wholly, definitely and completely that due to your assiduous and earnest ministry and labours, God is showering blessings upon you who are in Big Texas; and that those blessings are being relayed to us here in little Texas. The same silvery moon, the same sun and stars that shine over you near the Rio Grande shine upon us too, and we thank God for His kindness, love and mercy The best things in life, such as, water, the air we breath , the seasons, the sunrise, sundown and multifarious colour are free; but here in Myanmar, the prices of food, clothing, consumer goods and building materials are all exorbitant. Nevertheless, God is using you, your associates and your church to provide food, clothing and education for the NLO children. Now, they also have new latrines(water closets) and bathrooms.

I believe God has called, chosen and set apart the NLO children for a purpose. The Gospel team these youngsters have formed is still active. To their Faith they have added Goodness, knowledge, Temperance, Patience and Godliness (2Peter1:1-15).

As the building materials arrive, they are being made ready, so that when the materials are complete, they will be joined to form the new hostel. The work the carpenter and bigger boys are now occupied and engaged in, will facilitate and expedite the construction of the hostel. I believe it is God's plan and will that your next visit to Myanmar has been set for the month of February. Because by that time, we hope and pray that there will be a new hostel for you to dedicate to the glory of God.

The preparation of the book for our Sunday School has been completed. Some of the manuscript sheets translated by Mr.Alan Richardson were misplaced by some children who were learning to operate the computer, and we failed to find them; but we approached and turned to Dr. Tiala for help and finally managed to complete the book.

I have been receiving many invitations from various denominations to give speeches on the way of faith; but I have been very busy here in little Texas, so I have been free only on Sunday. On these occasions I take the NLO childrens Gospel Team with me. During the week days, They follow Rev.Joel Raldokhuma.

Since the month of October, my son moved out to live separately with his wife. Rev.Joel Raldokhuma was here and we all had dinner together and Rev. Joel prayed and asked God to bless, guard and guide my son Hmangaihzuala and his family. Hmangaih zuala comes to NLO every day and works for us. I could not buy a house for him, so he and his wife and child have rented a flat (Pad or apartment).

We are very fortunate because God has given us a computer. Some of the NLO children are learning to manipulate it. We would like to produce and publish our booklets, so on your next visit we would be grateful if you would kindly bring some religious literature that are short concise and complete with coloured pictures .Nowdays, comics or cartoons on religious subjects are quite popular. We hope to use our computer and serve God in many and various ways in our NLO ministry.

God is blessing your labours and ministry for the development, growth and progress of NLO Myanmar, All thanks giving, glory, praise and honour be unto the Father , the Son and the Holy Ghost forever and ever.Amen

ON behalf of NLO Myanmar, I remain Your fellow-worker in the Lord's vineyard

Rev. Moses V.Dawnga

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