Thursday, October 19

It has been some time since I posted anything to this blog (10 months or more). During that time I have made another trip to Myanmar and the hostel was nearly finished at that time. It is likely completely finished by now. Here is a picture of the hostel when it was "mostly finished" last February. The bricklayers were able to show some of the older children of the orphanage the keys behind laying bricks and actually trained them to a certain extent in the art. This is what the Burmese refer to as "brick nogging" construction. The bricks are laid out between 4x4 posts. Then the entire thing is covered with cement or plaster. The person standing on the bridge to the hostel is Rev. Moses Dawnga. The water is illuminated in the evening hours to attract insects. The fish in the pond then eat the insects and the children eat the fish. Extra fish are sold at the market as a "cash crop." The intention is for the mission eventually to become self-supporting.

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