Wednesday, September 26

A First-Hand Report Received Second-Hand

Monday, September 24, 2007

The situation in Yangon becomes worse. Yesterday the local council told me to stop our church. Fortunately, they didn't come because of some reasons.

But they checked many churches and Bible Schools. T____ went to the other area and led the worship service. My family and some members did worship at the candle house. We sang hymns lowly. Every day and night the security goes around the wards and towns.

The Buddhist monks continued doing demonstration every day. In spite of the political situation it was heavily raining every day and so we didn't get out from home for five days. The Buddhist Association of Myanmar announced that today at noon the monks will lead demonstrations in every town and the community will follow them. When they did a demonstration many women hold their hands one another and guarded the monks from disturbance by the military force. All the Buddhist monks from Hlaingthayar already went to downtown to perform
demonstration today.

[Note -- Hlaingthaya is the township where I stay when in Yangon. RB]

However, we had our Bible study safely last Saturday. At that time the local council members were rounding the ward and went the road beside our house but they didn't come into the house. We pray every day for the freedom of Christian ministry. Some stores are closed and many people remained at home waiting for any change. Prices of food stuff increased and many people are in trouble. The inland transportation is not going normally. People are afraid of violence. Please pray for the Myanmar people.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The situation of Yangon is worse. Not only the Buddhist monks but many people involved in the demonstration. Demonstrations is performed at many places in Yangon every day. Military intelligence and spy are patrolling and investigating the movement of the people in city and in many towns every day and night. There are also many demonstrations done in other parts of Myanmar. Almost all Internet and telephone lines are closed.

Yesterday it was closed in the afternoon and I don't know if my Email can reach you or not. THE GOVERNMENT TRIES TO BLOCK FOREIGN COMMUNICATIONS AS POSSIBLE AS THEY COULD. Not only foreign but also inland communications are blocked in most parts. We can not make phone calls as before. Some are arrested every day. So public gathering is strictly prohibited. We don't dare to get out because the government will suspect us to be organizing people. But company workers and Government servants are doing their work every day, but some work only for half day. Since the demonstrations became increased we don't know what will be our near future. Many shops are closed. The prices of food stuff increased. Churches and Bible Schools and orphanage centers, and children home etc are still being on checked.

Today we will see if there is any strong demonstration or not. The government also is ready to do against the demonstrators. Thank you for all your concern, care and helps in the name of the Lord. The good God will open ways for us to serve Him freely.

In His Service,
Pastor [Name Withheld]


Mark Leonard said...

I'm praying for you and your ministry. I was just in Thailand in July working with Karen orphans at the refugee camps. I am looking forward to reading more of your updates. Please keep us all informed.

Fiona said...

The whole world is watching your struggle and praying for your success. God Bless you all.

Miranda said...

Australia-We are following what is happening via the internet and CNN. You have many people with you in spirit praying for you. May God continue to protect you, fill you with His inner peace and strengthen you for each day.
God bless you!

Mike said...

God Bless Everyone there involved in this struggle It is being covered by all the worlds media and most of the news is coming from courageous Bloggers that the Government has not managed to shut down ..I would like to see the same Attention Brought to Zimbabwe and the Junta Govt in Thailand ..This is real Democracy not the sham we have in the West ..Thankyou for being so Brave

Mike UK