Saturday, February 7

It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time

The website that supposedly was going to be able to handle my visa application now appears to be "for sale." Or rather the domain name is for sale. I've written to the email addy on a few occasions and have yet to receive any sort of response. At this point, it seems the best approach would be for me to obtain my visa in the usual way. I sent off last week by local expeditor for a new visa. I hope the readers of this blog will be in prayer that a visa will be forthcoming.

Company and Yet...

It seems that there will be a few friends of the gospel in Myanmar during the month of February. I mentioned in my last installment that Jeff Easley of The Aquila Project expects to be there. However, there will be some other reformed people there as well and although the particular people group with which they work is different, I hope to be able to spend some time fellowshipping -- perhaps a meal. This trip will be quite short and the time of overlap will be even shorter still, so we shall see what we shall see.

Yesterday I Heard From Pasiang

Things are lined up at the City Star Hotel for us to have their large meeting room. It seems that there will be about 22 to 25 people involved in this final review and revise meeting. All are qualified in both Falam and English languages to be able to look over the documents.

And The Digitizing Is Finished

Matthew informed me that the digitization has been finished and the results compared with the original of the Falam Saamhla. Lord willing I will have the digital "product" with me on the HD of my laptop, but also on CD for distribution. As things stand right now, this is the only item we have to do on this trip. We do hope to investigate further the resources necessary for an English Language school and other projects, but nothing other than exploratory work will be accomplished. The bulk (90% or more) of the time will be spent on the Saamhla.


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