Thursday, January 15

Newest News

We (Mission to Myanmar) now have a new, but very short, trip planned for next month -- February 2004. The single purpose of this trip is to review and revise the wording of the Falam language Psalter. The "philosophy" of translation that we have in MTM is that it is better to have those who are native speakers of the target language do the revising -- and the translating where possible. So, this trip should finalize the wording of the Samhla Theihthiamnak.

I will be going to Myanmar alone this trip, but do hope to meet for a short visit or two with Jeff Easley of The Aquila Project. Jeff is a former Marine and he and I have had a number of good experiences together in Myanmar at the Golden Guest Inn.

The visa procedure has actually joined the 20th/21st century! In the past we have always used a visa expediting firm here in the Dallas area. I lost confidence in them because of the way they handled my last trip. I was getting less and less service each time for more and more money. That is usually a sign in the capitalist world that a company no longer wants one's business. So, in doing a "Google search" for another company that could handle my visa I came across a site that has been set up for the Myanmar Immigration Department. The MM immigration dept sends, via email, a letter of approval and then charges for the visa at the Yangon airport. Very handy. The procedure takes a minimum of seven days, however, so should not be used for an "emergency." Only when the flight numbers are known and there is plenty of time, it looks like a great option!

Best Intentions

It is my intention to keep blog postings while I am in Myanmar again this trip. For those who would like to see some of the past work that MTM has done, please log into the FPCR Website. Also, for those who are on my regular "Burma Mailings" list, I will let you know as there is new activity on the Blog here.


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Anonymous said...

Dr. Bacon, I wish I was in Burma right now. Instead I'm in Toronto. My friend Asif paid for my burma mission in 2005, I'm hoping to go back again next year for 6 months. I still have family there.