Friday, January 28

The Visa Is In Town

Praise the Lord, the entry visa came in this morning. I just now received a phone call from my visa expeditor and the visa is in town. So, I will be going over to pick it up this morning. My thanks go up to God for all those who have been praying for this matter.

So as things stand right now, I will leave the ground at 8:00 AM on Tuesday and will depart LAX around noon the same day. Because of crossing the international dateline and the length of the flight, I will touch down in Yangon, DV, on Thursday AM. That is after spending about an eight hour layover in Bangkok on Wednesday PM (local time).

I've heard from my contacts in Yangon that the plane that goes to Kalemyo/Tahan is very irregular, so it does not sound good for me to make it all the way to the orphanage on this trip. Nevertheless, it is my hope that Rev. Moses will perhaps be able to meet with me in Yangon for a season.

RBI will be meeting with me at the Golden Guest for part of the time so I can teach the students. Hopefully Rev. Thang Bwee will be able to do the bulk of the translation work for me. RBI has an English teacher, so we may use him as interpreter.

Again, Hallelujah (Praise ye the Lord).


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