Friday, February 11

On The Ground One Week Plus

I've been in Myanmar now for just over a week. I arrived last Thursday morning and have been teaching a class ever since. I teach 5 hours per day from 9:00 AM until noon and then again from 1:00 PM until 3. The students are very good this year and Rev. Thang Bwee has been doing all the translating for me. These are all students of the Reformed Bible Institute.

A really great development is that the Burmese Psalter project has continued apace even in my absence from the country. I have had little contact with Dr. Thang Bwee, but he has translated about 150 Psalm settings into Burmese already. Many of them they sing to the tunes of the CDs I left last year instead of singing to the tunes we use in the Comprehensive Psalter. Nonetheless, the project is going very well.

After 26 or so of the Psalms were translated, they published them in a booklet form for the students of RBI and the ERCM churches in the Yangon area. I borrowed the book and had a couple of hundred more made at a local printer. So now ERCM and URCM and the Reformed Baptist congregation in Yangon are all using the same Psalter, short though it may be.

As you can see by the date stamp, there is now internet access in Burma. I am at the Cybernet Cafe at Junction Eight in Yangon and have been able to access the internet with no trouble. Also, the email at the Golden Guest is working well.

I will attempt to update the blog again either before I leave or from Bangkok next Thursday.


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