Wednesday, February 2

So Far So Good

I've arrived in Bangkok and it is now 1:00 AM Bangkok time on Thursday. The trip was thankfully uneventful thus far, but it had its "moments." The plane we were supposed to take out of DFW was broken, so we went back to the gate and "deplaned" for about an hour while they fixed the whatever was wrong. We ended up getting to LAX about an hour late.

But I was pleasantly surprised by another development. While American Airlines and Thai Airways do not have codeshare, they apparently do have a baggage arrangement. As a result, I was able to check both bags through all the way to Yangon. Hopefully the bags have kept up with me on this trip. That has not always been the case in the past.

There were absolutely no problems at LAX. I got checked in at the Tom Bradley Int'l terminal in plenty of time. The flight was an older aircraft (747-400), but plenty comfortable and as usual, Thai Airways sets the standard for airborne cuisine. The flight from LAX to Osaka Kansai took a long time, but was thankfully uneventful. I took dramamine and slept for most of that leg.

We had a one - hour layover in Osaka. I'm not sure why, but we had to get off the plane. When we returned they had done a nice job of cleaning the inside of the aircraft. I was hopeful that the Thai Airways mechanics were as diligent as the cleaning crew. So, after changing crews and I suppose gassing up, we were off on the Osaka-Bangkok leg.

The last leg was by far the most uneventful. It was just under six hours, and I slept for about four of them. So it is now approximate 27-28 hours (I've lost track) since I left DFW airport and I have several hours left in this layover in Bangkok. They closed the waiting lounge where I was sitting for cleanup, so I've got about 2 hours (1:00 AM to 3:00 AM) before I can return. The flight leaves at 8:00 in the morning, DV.

OK, I've still got some time, so now I will call my darling wife to let her know that everything is humdrum thus far.

Postscript -- I was able to reach her on the phone and said hello. It was good to hear her voice, of course. For the next couple of weeks it will be somewhat difficult for me to update the blog here, but if you want the latest news, simply send an email to and ask for updates as they become available


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