Saturday, October 6

Christian Science Monitor

Reports from three monks who have reached Thailand.


Anonymous said...

Why do you insist on using the name Burma instead of Myanmar. The name Burma has not been used for 25 years and it is insulting because the names Burma and Rangoon are British colonial inventions.
Surely you can use the correct terminology.

Tony Fellows

Dr. Bacon said...

Mr. Fellows,
I'm not sure where you get your information about it being an insult to anyone. The name Burma is still around and used by the US State Dept and many other foreign offices around the world. I personally know many Burmese people and not a single one of them has ever regarded it as an insult to refer to their country either as Myanmar OR as Burma.

The "correct" terminology, as you call it, was imposed by the military junta after the student protests of 1988.


Marcus said...

New footage of the Japanese video journalist shows a soldier confiscating his camera - please post about this!! The Burmese gov't shouldn't be allowed to cold-bloodedly kill journalists just to censor the medias!

Dr. Bacon said...

I agree with you Marcus, that the military should not be allowed to kill journalists. But the reason he was killed was because he was reporting on the heinous murder of dozens if not hundreds of innocent civilians who were doing nothing more than expressing their views publicly. My point is that the military should not be allowed to censor and murder its own citizens either.

As barbarous as it is for the military to kill one Japanese journalist, how much worse for it to kill and imprison hundreds or thousands of its own citizens.

Also, for what it is worth, I have spoken with many Burmese citizens over the past seven years or so and all of them to whom I've spoken have forgiven the Japanese for the many atrocities they committed in Burma during WW2.


May Burma said...

burma or Myanmar

why are people sensitive about the name?

face the real situation