Wednesday, October 3

UN Employee Detained By Junta

The follow-up to shooting protesters is now the "knock on the door" in the middle of the night. This regime has lost all moral authority to claim it is the proper government of Myanmar:

1. It was not only never elected, regular elections were overthrown ['nullified' is the fancy word they use for what in reality was a bloody coup d'etat] in 1990 when the NLD won an overwhelming majority at the polling booth.

2. The illegitimate "government" of the Union of Myanmar (Burma) is not held responsible by anyone. This arrangement makes the old discarded theory of the "divine right of kings" seem reasonable by comparison.

3. It has shot its own citizens and leading "clergy" (i.e. the Buddhist monks) for the simple crime of disagreeing with government policy and having the audacity to organize and assemble publicly.

4. It has now carried that to the ridiculous extreme of actually rounding up people in the middle of the night and intimidating others by means of loud-speaker trucks driving on the streets through the night.

5. In the midst of all this it is noticeable to many people that the American administration has been soundly condemned by world opinion for bringing democracy and freedom of choice (remember the purple fingers?) to the Iraqi people 'for oil,' while there is barely a whimper from anyone against the Chinese government which -- for oil -- is supporting a brutal and tyrranical bastard government that shoots its own people.



Anonymous said...

Please keep posting. Great reading you. If you know more about reasons for China not getting more involved, please post!

writetous said...

Photo essay to celebrate the beautiful people of Myanmar. Support the course they are fighting for: Freedom.