Monday, October 20

Back to Yesterday

Whew! I think I'm finally through lagging. We crossed the international dateline last Wednesday, and so we landed in DFW in mid-afternoon on Wednesday, the 15th. Like most of these trips, the jet-lag took a few days to overcome. But yesterday, being the Lord's Day, I propped my eyes open with toothpicks (it seemed) at times and thus had pretty much of a full night's sleep last night. The difficulty of lagging for me is not that I continue to have days and nights turned around, but that I can seldom get more than a few hours sleep at a time. So I'm hoping that a full night's sleep last night has been the turning of the corner.

Short Report

During the Biblical Institutes hour yesterday evening I gave a brief synopsis (overview) of the trip and of how this trip builds hopefully into future ministry in MM. As soon as Chris (our webmaster) has the report up as RA file, readers should be able to access it via the FPCR Website. If the Lord wills, I will bring a longer report, including photos, next week. That report will also go on the website, so readers will have some photos as of next week.


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