Wednesday, July 23

As I continue to prepare for the trip to Burma (Myanmar), I went through some of the requests various men made of me on my last trip. It is not a good idea to give money directly to the people of Myanmar. But a better alternative is to bring books into the country. It is very difficult to get books in Myanmar -- they are both rare and expensive. English language books and theological books are even rarer still.

Rev. Thang Bwee asked me on my last trip to Yangon to bring back some texts on preaching. If the Reformed denominations of Myanmar will prosper, it will be on the basis of two basic skills that ministers might bring to the churches. The first is that of biblical preaching. So what text would one bring if his desire is to stir up men to preach the gospel in such a way as to change the nation? The second thing the ministry should provide is the needed material for the families of their churches to carry on regular family worship. The first may be brought into country on the backs of those traveling there. But the second needs to be in the language of the various people groups in the country -- especially Burmese and Falam.

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