Friday, July 25

First, thank you to those who wrote to me with suggestions for books to take for Rev. Thang Bwee on homiletics.

I will be preaching, Lord willing, at evangelistic meetings seven times during the week I am in Tahan. This is not easy, as it is the kind of meeting that the military intelligence folks like to shut down. Tentatively, however, I have arranged the following preaching schedule:

Sun 7/9 -- "No Restraint to the Lord," 1 Samuel 14:6
Mon 8/9 -- "One More Night With the Frogs," Exodus 8:8-10
Tue 9/9 -- "That Awful Hour," Mark 15:34
Wed 10/9 - "A Proud Leper Cleansed," 2 Kings 5:12
Thu 11/9 -- "Come See The Place Where He Lay," Matthew 28:6
Fri 12/9 -- "The Poor Man God Favors," Isaiah 66:2
Sat 13/9 -- "A Taste of Honey," Canticles 5:1
Sun 14/9 -- "Not Without Blood," Hebrews 9:18-22.


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