Monday, July 21

It looks as though I have the schedule for the Kale portion of the trip pretty well setup. I am working in that area with Saya (teacher) Lal Tai Lo (whom I call Titus) and Rev. Abraham Len Thang -- a 77 year old gentleman who just got out of hospital with "liver swell" (hepatitus A). Here is the schedule we have set up tentative to God's providential intervention:

6 September (Saturday) Speak to the General Assembly executive committee of MRPC

7 September (Sabbath) Preaching in Tahan and Leqpan Chaung villages

8-12 September Conference with church officers of Kale Classis URCM and MRPC (Monday thru Friday)
........Constitutional Presbyterianism
........Reformed Sotieriology & Preaching
........Psalmody & Reformed Worship

13 September (Saturday) Opening of new church bldg in Sadaw village and feast with villagers

14 September (Sabbath) Preaching in Tahan village

We hope to have 80 church officers from the URCM (United Reformed Churches of Myanmar) and the MRPC (Myanmar Reformation Presbyterian Church) for the weeklong conference. It has tentatively been titled "Reformation Foundation Conference." The church opening and feast in Sadaw village should have about 500 adults and children from the MRPC plus "neighbors and friends" who enjoy reformed preaching. The men of the MRPC -- and I trust the URCM as well -- are looking forward to having some scriptural foundations laid for generations to come.


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