Wednesday, July 30

Politics and Travel

Monday President Bush placed a trade embargo on Myanmar (Burma). In response, the Myanma government seems to have dug in their heels. Here is a news article on some of the repercussions. And here is another. This may place a new perspective on the delay that we've experienced in receiving my visa for this upcoming trip. Of course the two things may be totally unrelated, too.

I ordered 15 copies of William Perkins' The Art of Prophesying, but 11 of the copies were placed on backorder. Hopefully they will all be in by the time I leave -- and hopefully the political mess will be cleared up a little bit before I go.

Also, Chris Coldwell, the webmaster for the FPCR website, has put up some new information regarding my last trip to Myanmar. There are five new powerpoint presentations (available via HTML at the website) there. Thanks, Chris, for the hard work -- especially in reducing the size of the photos so that they would download the same day, even at a 56K connection.

Another interesting thing happened this week. I received an email from a pastor-friend in the ARP, who reminded me of John L. Nevius' work in China at the end of the nineteenth century, that he called Methods of Mission Work. There is a copy on the web (click the title in previous sentence). This is one of those works still available in plain vanilla ASCII following the original internet specs. Nothing fancy -- beyond being divided into pages, there is no formatting. But the info is all there. And this is a system that will work well in Burma, in my humble opinion.


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