Monday, July 21

July 21st

If the Lord wills, my wife and son and I will be leaving DFW airport five weeks from tomorrow for my sixth missionary journey to Union of Myanmar (Burma). I applied for visas to Myanmar three weeks ago. It has never taken this long before, but there are some differences in the way I've applied. In the past I've always applied for a tourist visa and for a standard 28 day (four week) tour. This time I've applied for a business visa and a six week duration in country. At the same time, I've asked to have pages added to my passport. So all these things taken together likely explain the additional time the application is taking.

In the weeks to come -- before I leave country -- it is my plan to log some of the things I hope to accomplish on this trip. Then, once I am in country (the plane should land on August 28th), I will send log entries back to someone in this country for the purpose of updating this blog.

Why Myanmar Blog? Because Burma Blog was already taken. The Burmese military government refers to the nation as "Union of Myanmar." To see info about past trips, go to this site on the FPCR website: Missions Reports.


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